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Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

VPS (Virtual Private Servers) extend the advantages of control, flexibility, and isolation by providing a product that is even more like a standard FreeBSD-based dedicated server. Never before has a VPS been more like having your own dedicated server—you can even reboot, start, and stop your VPS. VPSs includes root access for maximum control over users and applications. Best of all, VPSs offers enhanced “fair share” technology, which protects the system resources allocated to each VPS. It’s the best defense in preventing any single VPS from abusing shared resources and, ultimately, keeping your website and applications performing consistently. A VPS is the closest thing to having your own dedicated server. Look what you can do with a VPS:
  • Root access to your account*
  • Configure multiple shell accounts*
  • Host unlimited email accounts
  • Securely support multiple websites
  • Access to the FreeBSD Ports Collection of applications*
  • Install and configure the applications of your choice
  • 24/7 monitoring ensure your business' stability
  • CPX Control Panel for enhanced account administration.

FreeBSD VPS Servers are available in San Jose, California, USA; Sterling, Virginia, USA; Frankfurt Germany; and Tokyo, Japan.

* FreeBSD VPS Accounts Only